Motherhood One Year In: An Honest Reflection

I’m in two minds about the timing of this post. On one side, I know it’s a bit late as Kai turned 14 months last week. On the other, I…


Kai’s Nursery Tour

Texture Discrimination – How I Really Feel About It

5 Great Reasons to Read to Your Child + GIVEAWAY

In my one year of motherhood, I’ve had many proud mommy moments and I’m sure I have even more to come. Hands down my favourites are when Kai points to…


Braided Wig Review & Installation

3 Reasons to Wipe Your Face + GIVEAWAY

Kai’s First Birthday

My Number 1 Tip for Better Skin

I’m often asked about my skin care routine and what products I use on my face. I’m always proud to say that I’ve stuck to the same brand for more than…

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Weaning (myself) off Breastfeeding

Why Hair Salons and I Are Not Friends

5 Ways to Be a Good Friend to a …