First Impressions: BeatBo by Fisher Price

We’re well into the last quarter of the year and for many of us grown folk, the holidays are starting to become top of mind. From finally getting a break…

Clicks’ Mega Beauty Fair

My Spring Skincare Routine + GIVEAWAY

My Top 5 Bomb Hair Gels

One Great Hair Salon + Big Chop GIVEAWAY

So here’s something refreshing: a salon that’s located in a nice neighbourhood, where the staff welcomes you with a drink and you’re not scared of putting your bag on the counter…

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My Top 5 Hair Fails!

Motherhood One Year In: An Honest Reflection


Kai’s Nursery Tour

I had such FOMO when I was planning Kai’s nursery and decor. I watched so many videos for inspiration and ideas and was hella disappointed when they mentioned stores that…

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Texture Discrimination – How I Really Feel About It

5 Great Reasons to Read to Your Child + GIVEAWAY

Braided Wig Review & Installation