Weave 1

woohoo! I’ma finally cover my hair up and let it rest for a bit. My calendar needs to be edited slightly. It’s getting cold and wet (been rainy n miserable since Thursday) so the sooner I get my weave done the better. So, Saturday is when I’ll go to the salon and get my hair did. I want to get something that will cover my whole head so that I don’t leave my own hair own and risk it getting damaged with styling. I’m inspired to channel Kelly Rowland’s look.


 It was between that or an asymmetrical bob version of the side bangs thingy. A bit like Rihanna, Mary J. and Hayden Pannetierre…

But I think I’ll stick to a long weave for now cos it’s just too frickin’ cold!! I’m excited, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a weave and at least I won’t be stressing over my hair growth all the time. My jumbo braids have lasted their appointed two weeks (okay, I had to re-do most of them) but having them in already helped me stop obsessing whether my hair’s growing or not. I’ll remove them tomorrow (Tuesday), wear my hair out til Thursday, wash and treat my hair on Thursday morning so that it air dries etc. for Saturday morning’s trip to the salon. I’ll also wash and condition my weave on Thursday, then blow dry it on Friday, ready to be sewn on. I just had a lightbulb moment this morning, instead of throwing away my old petroleum filled products, I could keep them so I can use them whenever I have a weave in.  I don’t wanna waste my precious natural products on synthetic hair! I’ll still put my natural stuff on my scalp, but in terms of styling I think it’s safe to use the Optimum Care etc. for my weave styles.


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