All About Castor Oil

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Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the castor bean

Castor oil thickens hair, promotes hair growth, prevents thinning, moisturizes, helps reduce split ends, helps to tame frizz, and prevents scalp infections.The germicidal, insecticidal and fungicidal properties of Ricin/Ricinoleic acid in Castor oil protect the scalp and hair from microbial and fungal infections, the two prime causes for hair loss.

So, just to put it simple, Castor oil cleans the scalp of any impurities that would inhibit maximum growth. The fatty acids in it nourish the hair and prevent the scalp from drying by retaining moisture.

On the hair, Castor Oil works to coat the hair shaft and smooth the cuticle layer, sealing in moisture and leaving the hair feeling soft and silky. It is more easily absorbed by the hair (than other oils), allowing for deeper penetration into the hair shaft. Some say it also helps to define curls.

Regular castor oil use on your hair’s roots and scalp will help:

  1. Increase hair growth
  2. Thicken hair that is starting to thin out
  3. Reduce and prevent hair damage
  4. Eliminate dry hair
  5. Make the hair fuller and shinier
  6. Deeply condition and moisturize hair and scalp
  7. Prevents dry scalp
  8. Boost your hair’s overall health

Applying castor oil to your hair tips will also prevent your hair from looking frizzy and having split ends and damage. You will also notice that your hair is stronger and won’t develop split ends that easily anymore.

I think I’ll be trying this out, especially is it helps with hair growth and thickness. Maybe put it in my daily spritz and see what happens.


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