Update after weave 1

I took my weave out yesterday and thank God I did it now instead of in a month’s time cos some of my tracks were tangled in the weave thread :S. It made it harder to remove the weave cos I didn’t want to cut my own hair but it’s finally out 😀 And I feel better. Today, I washed and deep conditioned my hair. I didn’t put a leave-in conditioner cos I want to try using something else for when I BC (water and aloe vera mix). For the first time since I can remember, I’m feeling my new growth with happiness and sadness. Sadness that it’s still in early phases, and there’s not enough of it! Happiness cos I’m feeling it and it’s soft and fluffy, I can run a comb through it and just now when I looked really closely at my hairline, I could see little springy coils in places. I can’t stop feeling my hair! IT’s crazy how in just 3 months, my psyche has done a complete 180. When I was relaxing, I HATED the hairline fuzz and tried everything to hide it or straighten it. Now it’s a symbol that my own natural, unchemicalised hair is growing in. I take it as a sign my hair’s giving me a second chance. After all the blow drying, straightening, relaxing etc etc, I’m dying to have curly hair. And so far, I think it’s coming :D.


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