Weave 1: Review

On April 22nd, I got my first weave of my transitioning calendar done. I should’ve taken a photo when the weave was freshly done and style in the salon but by the time I got home, I was sooo tired, and my head was pounding :S. And the next day it was looking a hot mess cos I hadn’t wrapped it that night. So I had to do damage control on Sunday and it got back to normal. This is my say, 7th or 8th weave and my head had never been in such a constant headache as this weave has caused. Damn, that chick put the weave on sooo tight, from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning I was taking Panadol every 4 hours or so just to keep the pain away. It’s now almost two weeks later and although I haven’t had headaches again, I can still feel that the edges are tight. So next time, I have to make sure it’s either not the same chick (even TJ said she has a tight hand) or I make sure she doesn’t braid the tracks too tight. It’s hard when you’re there cos it takes awhile for the headache to manifest, but there was one track she’d shown that gave me a headache almost straight away! So, I’m hoping that 1) my hairline is still okay and hasn’t receded :S! and 2) my curl pattern hasn’t gotten affected cos she also blow dried my hair (with very high heat) before braiding the tracks. It’s interesting how much I’m noticing the mistakes hairdresser’s make the more I read up on haircare. So I need to be sure to tell them when I go back for weave 2 to loosen the tracks and also not to blow dry my hair before hand. I’m glad I have it in though, it’s helping me not stress about my own hair and its growth. And I’m also glad I had kept the hair well (along with the others) so I could use it again. I did forget how much this hair sheds though! I hope enough of it remains until next moth, I’m trying to minimise the number of times I have to comb it. Fingers crossed the weave does more good than bad!


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