Weave 1: will it last?

I’m getting worried about my weave. It’s recycled hair from last year when I did my bangs hairstyle to visit Kev in August. It’s Milky Way human hair in 16″. It looks nice and feels nice but it sheds like crazy. Every time I comb it, hell even sometimes when I don’t comb it, a lock of hair just slips out. Last night when I was tying it to go to sleep, it felt significantly less than it did when I first had it put in. So I’m getting a bit worried if it’ll last until mid next month or if I’ll end up having a weave comb over by the end of it. Sigh, the plan was to put in a weave so that I could stop stressing about my hair but now I’m stressing about the weave! Other than reducing the frequency of combing it, I don’t know how to reduce the shedding. The tightness has finally eased off so the itching has calmed down too. I think I need a contingency plan if most of the hair end up falling out. I think my choices are:

a) undo the weave earlier eg. end of May and leave my hair out throughout June…con: my hair will have to suffer through the bad weather for longer than planned
b) buy one packet of hair that closely resembles this one and add track to the gaps
c) undo the weave earlier eg. end of May then have my hair in chunky braids for the first two weeks of June then continue my schedule as planned
d) just leave it and undo it as planned

I don’t know!!! I think I’ll have to see…


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