After wash day

My hair is itchy. Not crazy I wanna scalp my head itchy but definitely itchier than it has been the past few weeks I’ve been completely natural. It has to be the shampoo right? The new shampoo, VitaminShampoo, I used the day before yesterday (Sunday). But I DC’d after I shampooed so surely my hair, and scalp should be moisturised right? Hmm…maybe my scalp “doesn’t like” this new shampoo, lol. So, what to do? I figured maybe I should try putting hot oil for about 15-20 mins. Right now I’m letting it set with a shower cap and wrapped it with a warm damp towel (I wet it with hot water, drained it a bit and wrapped it up). Let’s see what happens…I hope it works…

So I rinsed my hair with water first then co-washed once with Tresemme, keeping a bit of oil on. After showering, I sprayed some leave-in and massaged it in following with zesty lemon butter, also massaging it, focusing on my scalp. I definitely felt like my hair is softer, especially my lil hump at the back (left corner side…there’s a lil section of hair that’s 2ce as thick and kinky as the rest of my hair). It hasn’t completely dried yet. Will come back in about an hour…

Okay so my hair’s dry now but oily. It’s not too bad oily though, I think next time I’d just need to co-wash it twice, or follow up with my DC. But my scalp has definitely calmed down 🙂 Next wash day I’ll try my Tresemme shampoo then the modified Tresemme shampoo and compare. If my scalp still feels itchy, I’ll hot oil after I shampoo 🙂


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