Finger coils results

Today, I tried finger coils for the first time. I wanted to stretch my hair a bit and also give my middle/top/ front bit some curl so I co-washed, towel blotted (I’ve abandoned my microfibre towels for now, they’re kinda like velcro on my hair) and kept spritzing my hair with aloe + water  to keep it from drying up. Then I took lil sections of hair, rubbed a bit of gel on my index finger and thumb and twirled the hair in between them. This actually took a bit longer than I thought it would…and was a bit harder cos my hair is different lengths in places. And as usual, my middle and front took ages longer to dry. Of course, it wasn’t looking so good but I was home anyways. I want to find a quicker way to stretch my hair than flat twisting but I think they kinda match up. Anyways, I undid them by splitting them up a bit and massaging some butter on…my hair was looking a bit too gappy so I spritzed some leave-in and lightly massaged, trying not to undo all the curls.

So my front looked less fluffy, but I think the flat twists worked better. Next time I try stretching, I’ll try normal twists and just compare. Of course, to keep a stretched afro, I’ll have to not wet it otherwise it’ll shrink up again. So I also have to find out the best way to keep it fresh looking. What I am really happy about is finally being able to wear headbands and flowers without it looking funny 😀


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