Is going natural contagious??!

So I already wrote that my dear friend DARLA came with me to get my BC last month. And although she had stopped relaxing her hair a few months ago, she still had relaxed ends. When I got my cut, she was in a weave and kept commenting that she wished she hadn’t had it on so she could also cut her hair. I kept telling her she’d look fine with natural hair but I don’t think she believed me, saying sumpin bout her hair being too fine, doesn’t have the forehead for it etc. etc. Well, imagine my surprise last week when she texted me, out of nowhere saying she’d chopped off her relaxed hair…herself!! LOL, I couldn’t stop laughing at the impulsiveness of it all but as I knew even before she did it, she looked great!

I’m glad I’ve inspired someone. Courage cherie!! You’ll be rocking your fierce fro in no time! heehee x


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