Itchy scalp, slight dandruff and…a scab?!

So I’ve been trying to hold off co-washing during the week cos I like the way my hair looks after flat twisting and every time I co-wash, my hair looks fluffier and not curly/coily. It’s like I have three texture looks so far:

1. Fluffy, undefined afro. Comes after I co-wash or wash my hair and just spritz with aloe-water finishing off with zesty lemon butter

2. Bumpy afro. Comes after co-washing/washing my hair, spritzing with Tresemme leave-in and zesty lemon butter and rubbing hair in circular motions

3. Coily afro. Comes after co-washing/washing hair, spritzing aloe+water, flat twisting with gel, undoing when dry, spritzing Tresemme leave-in and fluffing out with zesty lemon butter

I definitely like the coily afro best as it looks fuller and thicker, then the bumpy then the fluffy is my least fave, so that’s why I’m trying not to drench it with water during the week to keep that look. I washed my hair last Friday and it’s Thursday now and my scalp is feeling a bit itchy. Not as bad as the time I needed to put hot oil but still itchy and then this morning I felt a little scab or two :S. Is this normal? I decided to co-wash it to relive it a bit and just put aloe+water and butter. Then I can just wash it on Saturday and flat twist etc then. I don’t know if it means I have to co-wash at least mid week? Or that the dry air is finally getting to my scalp like it did my knuckles? Maybe I’m not putting as much water as it needs by just spritzing. After washing etc. I did look at my scalp and it’s a bit dandruffy. Not too bad though, just slightly. I don’t know what’s up. Think it’s time for me to buy that tea tree oil this weekend…


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