Month 1: Review

Yay! I’ve reached a first “milestone”. I have been 100% natural for exactly one month today. Phew. Although this month has dragged (not because of my hair), I’m glad it’s ending soon. My update on my hair so far is that I’m having a good time with it. I still can’t keep my hands off of it, I get excited everytime  get a chance to get out of the house so I can dress up and I have a newfound love of my make up, jewelry and hair stuff in general. I love being able to put into practice the information I’ve read and heard about on the blogs I’ve been researching. So far, I’ve had a bit of a slump but then came out of it. I can definitely feel my hair growing already, it’s much thicker than it was a month ago and I have a better idea of what works with it so far.

My fave product at the moment is my enhanced Tresemme shampoo, what a God send. My current regimen for this next month, based on what I’ve learned the past month is now washing and deep conditioning every week, co-washing about 2-3 times a week if my hair hasn’t been stretched, if it has then I won’t co-wash that week, try to flat twist after shampooing and DC’ing, spraying my hair with either aloe +water spritz or Tresemme leave-in conditioner everyday, rubbing zesty lemon butter on top everyday. I comb while DC’ing and will hot oil twice a month. It’s still winter and the air is cold and dry (so dry my knuckles bled last week :S).

My hair is thick, has many tight little coils, soft, not dry and feels strong. It’s not breaking, has elasticity and I think happy. I’m feeling good, sexy, pretty and feeling very excited for this next month. 😀


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