Wash day two

My hair is in heaven. Lol. Throughout the week, I think I’ve co-washed three times and since Wednesday when I did my first twist out and put gel on, I haven’t co-washed or rinsed my hair since. So it was starting to feel a bit …washable. So I decided I would wash my hair this weekend again cos I don’t know if I could do the whole washing my hair every 2 weeks thing. But as I said before, I’m trying to listen to my hair and she told me to wash it. Cos I have to do some work today, I didn’t want to wash, then hot oil then DC…too much time is needed for that. I was worried though that after washing, my hair will be too dry without the oil. Then I remembered I still had to try out my enhanced Tresemme shampoo (added aloe vera juice and avo oil). So I figured I could use that as a half hot oil treat. I washed my hair twice with the normal shampoo. That already made my hair feel better than the VitaminShampoo which made it feel matty. Then for the third wash, I used my enhanced shampoo and WOW. It foamed so nicely (which I wasn’t sure would happen cos of the dilution) but it did and my hair was feeling fluffy soft, even after rinsing it out. I concentrated on my scalp cos that was the issue last time I washed so I’m hoping the oil penetrated as much as it could. I left it on while I showered etc. then rinsed it out. Mmmm, it felt the nicest it’s felt since I went natural.

So at the moment, I’m DC’ing and will see the results in an hour. But so far, this new shampoo regimen is a winner! So maybe what I can do every weekend is wash my hair with normal shampoo, follow it with my enhanced shampoo for one wash then DC. Then alternate that with shampooing normally, then hot oil treating it, co-wash then DC.I also don’t really think that along with my high protein diet and my ORS DC which is a protein conditioner that I’d need to do protein treatments. If my hair starts feeling broken etc. then I’ll try one. But til then, I’ll continue the way I’m going, I’m not noticing any breakage so far.

Proposed new regimen:

Week 1, 2 + 3: Wash once with Tresemme shampoo, wash once with enhanced shampoo (rinse after showering), Deep condition with ORS for 1 hour

Week 4: Wash 2ce with Tresemme Naturals shampoo, put hot oil treatment for 30 mins, Deep Condition with ORS for 1 hour


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