DIY Tresemme DC

Since I chopped, I’ve been DC’ing my hair every week with ORS Replenishing Conditioner which I only recently found out is a protein based conditioner. Now, I still don’t completely get the whole protein/moisture balance thing but I noticed sometime last week that especially when I massage my hair with butter, more hair is breaking/shedding off. I don’t know if it’s normal but it’s not at the point where I think I’m losing hair but it got me thinking. Maybe because I’m overloading my hair with protein? I have a high protein diet, which already should contribute to my hair, then I DC every week with a protein based conditioner and hot oil every other week with a mix of oils that include avocado oil (which is also protein). Soooo after looking online for a moisturising conditioner instead of a protein based one, I decided to just try my own concoction. I had originally wanted to put coconut milk in, til I read it’s protein. I just put stuff in that I know were moisturising and non-protein. So I’m DC’ing at the moment with some enhanced Tresemme conditioner which I added olive oil, aloe vera juice and honey. I keep reading that honey is great for moisture etc and also helps with shine. So I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile. I know aloe vera juice is also good for moisture. I mixed them up and washed and detangled my hair as normal and now I’m sitting with it in my hair, with a shower cap and bra strap keeping it tight around my head. I’m hoping it’ll leave my hair feeling bouncy and soft. Will check in after I rinse it off…

Back…and wow, when I took off my cap and felt my hair, it was ridiculously soft!! I rinsed it off with warm water as usual and towel blotted my hair. I had left it in for 1.5 hours although I think an hour should also be fine, I was just watching Shipwrecked. After towel blotting I felt it and it was definitely soft and felt really nice. I can’t say yet about shininess etc. but I think it’s a keeper. The amount I made would be enough for about 3-4 more treatments. And the bra strap worked like a charm! I had maybe 2 or 3 dribble drops, far better than normal! I was scared that my hair will feel sticky afterwards but the honey washed right out 🙂 I’ve done flat twists (which only took me about 15 mins!). My hair at the back has definitely grown, I still have a few spots that are too short to get into the twist so I just single twisted them. My hair is very uneven but I’m not willing to cut it again…maybe when it’s longer I can even it out, at the moment it doesn’t look uneven so it’s cool.

So maybe I can include this in my routine…could alternate the DC’s weekly so one week do ORS the next week do enhanced Tresemme. Will see how it goes…but I’m happy with it 🙂


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  1. July 29, 2013 / 12:44 pm

    OMG!!! Your hair is beautiful…I can imagine how many people tell you that, lol. However that's what happens when you take good care of your hair and it indeed thanks you later with astonishing results.

    Anyhow I noticed in 2011 when you did the big chop your hair has grown tremendously since then. I dont know, but I think my hair takes time to grow or do I just need to continue feeding it good food…and patience, lol? but I started with my afro journey this year and I am in no rush, but I would like to get a few tips from people like you

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