Month 2: Review

I’m now 2 months fully natural and 5 months post relaxer. This month has been a mix of highs and lows. The general feel is that I’ve definitely calmed down on the whole hair thing. I’m still excited to see it grow etc. but I’m not on as many sites and watching videos etc, at least not even half as much as the previous months. I think I have a pretty good idea of what to do and not do with my hair at this point. I know that I have crazy shrinkage, I’m estimating about 50% (actually more like 60-75%!). And I’ve definitely cut down on the photos I’ve taken of myself. So the highs are that I feel a bit more savvy about what I’m doing with my hair. I know things could probably change, especially when the weather warms up in Jozi and also when I’m in hot humid Dar. Another high is that I have about 4 or so ways to style my hair now that I love rocking, so there’s a bit more choice.

The twist out
The side part (with pins)

The small hawk with flower

The headband with flower

My hair is definitely growing, I feel it every time I wash it and flat twist. The lows are that there have been times I’ve felt less pretty, and combined with my weight gain, not so hot. I’ve had moments where I’ve remembered how it was with my relaxed hair (one particular moment was at Milcah’s grad party and a girl had hair like how mine used to be). I’ve tried not to look at past photos of myself so that I wouldn’t feel bad or weird but I have and I do…sometimes. I’ve thought about dying it brown to funktify it but have decided against it cos of the same reasons why I stopped relaxing in the first place, it’s all chemicals. Then other times I feel like I can’t completely go out without my lip colour or big earrings. I just kinda look a bit…blah without it all.

I know now that if I wash my hair on a Friday and not co-wash or rinse in between, my scalp will be itchy by Monday. Like crazy itchy sometimes. But if I do co-wash in between, my twist out will no longer be one and my hair will be a shorter, puffier looking fro, which I’m not feeling atm. My hair’s now starting to get some knots up top but it’s not long enough for me to braid nightly. So it’s in an in between kind of place right now. I’m planning on putting in braids when I go to Dar, a few days before I get back here just so it can chill for a couple months. I do love that I’m making more use of my hair accessories but there are still some that’ll look awkward on me.

So all in all, I’m now itching for longer hair so I can do more with it and not feel as puffed up in the face sometimes. I still have no regrets though, so here’s to another month!


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