Optimum Oil Therapy wash day

Yesterday I tried washing my hair with Optimum oil therapy shampoo and conditioned with Optimum oil therapy conditioner. It’d been a week since I last washed and in that time I didn’t wet my hair in the shower or co-was. So my hair was quite itchy, I wanted to wait til today (Friday) but thought I may as well see if I need to cross Optimum off my list for good or not. The shampoo was ok, it actually lathered better than in my relaxed days and it was definitely not a drying one. But when I put the conditioner on, it just sorta… went on. It didn’t feel like it detangled anything or softened anything. I left it on while I showered cos it’s not a DC then rinsed it off. When it came to putting butter etc afterwards, it felt like I had to put on quite a bit of it. Not that my hair was dry, but it felt almost straw like :S. I just didn’t like it…so I washed again with my usual stuff, Tresemme and ORS DC and hot oiled in between. I knew I had decided to do the hot oil with my enhanced Tresemme DC for a reason but I’d completely forgotten why when I did it. So I shampooed, then hot oiled then DC’d with ORS. Then afterwards I remembered that there’s avocado oil in the hot oil treatment, a protein then I’d double up on protein by DC’ing with ORS. Ooops. I’ll try remember next week…


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