So, I took my weave out . Sigh, I think this is a record for how long I’ve kept a weave in…3 weeks! I just couldn’t do it, and cos of the natural hair underneath, the braids in the front were starting to look funkay! Plus, JUST in case I get called for an interview, I need to be on point and my own hair would look neater than what my weave ended up looking like. Either way, I was tired, so took it out. Here’s me right after I finished…

My hair’s gown! (This is it it, almost fully stretched)

After washing and rubbing hands. Check the shrinkage

Slight blow out on cool

I did my usual hand rub ting whilst still wet, let it dry for about an hour or two, then semi-blow dried on cool setting. I didn’t take the comb all the way through, just mainly the bottom bit to stretch. It’s a MUUUUCH easier way to achieve stretching than doing flat twists but I need to be careful how often I do it.


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