Fro log: Wetting hair in between co-washes

Yesterday I dipped my head under the shower while showering, I didn’t saturate my hair, just gave it a sip of water and didn’t massage it in. Instead of towel blotting, I wanted to try drip drying and since it wasn’t saturated, there was much less drip than usual. As soon as I stepped out of the shower, I tied a towel round my neck, scarf style and left it there til my hair stopped dripping which was after putting leave-in and Garnier cream. This time I put cream in “sections” starting from my hairline and circling round my head in a spiral til I got to the middle, to really make sure I got everything. Then let it be. The cream took awhile to sink in and you could still see its whiteness by lunch time. The middle partof my head fully dried by the afternoon. So it took longer, didn’t make a difference to my shrunken TWA and my hair was still feeling a bit…hard at the end of the day. This morning, my hair feels dry but not sahara dry, just dry. So I’m thinking maybe my hair prefers a lil build up so I won’t wet it today. See what happens.

Btw, by the end of the day my hair was feeling like how I like it to, not dry and hard but soft and spongy. So yeah, reduce the water intake for now, only wet when necessary methinks.


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