Mmmm medium hair day

On Friday evening I flat twisted my hair (about 6-8 twists) and it was quick stuff, like 10 mins :D. My hair’s def growing :D. Anywho, I wrapped it and undid it on Saturday morning. I was expecting a funky stretched out look, esp cos I’d semi blown it the previous day. But it came out like this:

It’s not that it looks bad, just looked waaaay too fluffy. When I unded the twists, my hair had that funny straight ends sticking up and it looked too unkempt. I tried massaging the lines etc. but still wasn’t looking right like how my twist outs turned out before. So I combed through it to neaten it up but the thickness and denseness wasn’t there like the day before. So I wasn’t really feeling it. It was looking too…light. So I’ve realised that even though this style is closer to the kind of hair I used to wish I could have (eg. Zaina’s fluffy fro) it’s not what I think suits me, or rather I don’t like it as much as my thick ass, dense hair! I think I can maybe do this technique when my hair’s longer but at the moment, it looks too lousy for me. I love my strong looking hair. Wow.


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