Monday hair…after work out

So I worked out this morn, sweat quite a bit so I co-washed, t-shirt blotted, spritzed, put lemon butter and some Garnier, then let it be:

About an hour later, when fro was about 60% dry, I rubbed hands in circles through it then half combed it (like I did with the semi blow out):

I don’t think I feel like the shrunken fro today so I’m gonna try a dry twist out to stretch it a bit. Never taken pix of my twists before, I know they’re a mess but they’re starting to look a bit neater now and also not taking as long to do:

I undid the twist about 2.5 hours later. My fro, despite wacking on lemon butter on each rowbefore I twisted and also while I undid, was still feeling dry. There was oily residue on my finger but my hair itself was feeling scrunchy, I don’t know what’s up…maybe the conditioner?? Anywho, my hair was looking funny, even after I finger combed it so I half combed with my comb to level it out a bit:

But it was still looking funny. My fro is so uneven and growing at different paces, it’s crazy. Sigh, so I tried to rescue it with some accesories…

So, at least it’s bigger, but boy did I struggle to get to this point. I noticed the fat twists leave my hair just straight while the thinner ones give it a more distinct curl definition. Problem is if I feel like doing small ones all the time…


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