My name is Aisha, and I’m becoming a product junkie…

This morning, while rummaging through my toiletries basket, I noticed I kept my Optimum Care shampoo and conditioner from my relaxed days. Then I noticed I have 2 Herbal Essences Shampoo…and a set of Enliven products…the list kinda goes on. At the moment, I’m using my Tresemme Naturals enhanced shampoo which could last me quite a few more weeks, Tresemme Moisture Rich conditioner (which I just enhanced with Avo Oil), ORS Conditioner, Honey Moisturising DC and my HE leave-in, lemon butter and Garnier cream. I have a looooong list of stuff I wanna try out and there’s more that I spot every time I go to Pick n Pay, Checkers…Clicks. So there I was, with about 4 unused shampoos, several unused conditioners. And I want to buy more…

Nahhhh not gonna work that way. ATM, I love my enhanced Tresemme shampoo, and I have a feeling I’ll like the enhanced Tresemme conditioner too but they will eventually run out, So I’m thinking, maybe I shouldn’t buy any more new conditioners or shampoos til I finish the ones I have, or at least try them out. Eg. I haven’t used my Optimum Care stuff since I went natural so I don’t know how it’ll work on my hair. It’s a good way of crossing things off my list. The Optimum oil therapy range doesn’t agree with my fro so I put it aside. So I think I’ll try and do a challenge soon. Every week, I try “new” stuff out from my toiletries basket. I give it a week to do my usual routine, co-wash, was DC etc. and rule things out that way. Once I’ve picked ones that seems ok, I’ll continue using those products til they’re finished. Which means I don’t think I’ll need to buy shampoo or conditioner til next year.

In my basket:

  • Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo x 2
  • Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner ~300ml
  • Optimum Care Anti-breakage shampoo x 1
  • Optimum Care Anit-breakage conditioner x 1
  • Enliven Vanilla and Coconut shampoo x 1
  • Enliven Vanilla and Coconut conditioner x 1

I also haven’t gotten rid of my Optimum oil therapy stuff so I think I’ll use them when I have braids and weaves in during winter just to finish them off. So the only things that I should include in my hair toiletries list from now on is aloe vera juice, glycerin and new oils eg. tea tree oil and castor oil. Basi.


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