Protective style time!

Today, my fro and I are on the same page. I’m starting to get antsy with my hair and fro wants to be left alone. So, even though I’d said I would leave my hair out during the Summer then do protective styles throughout the Winter, I’m thinking I might change that plan. I’m starting to get a bit tired of doing braid/twist outs that last two days then leave me looking mshamba. And at the moment, my wash and go’s are revealing that my hair is definitely at an awkward length that when left to shrink, can look a bit unkempt and it frustrates me to see myself in the mirror with a super short look when I KNOW my hair’s 5x longer than that. It was different when I actually really had only 1” of hair and I couldn’t even make a braid. But now it’s growing, and I’m trying to leave it alone during the week, I’m not quite sure how I can go without starting to rummage through it again.

So, methinks a protective style is in order. But what to do? I definitely need something that will look neat but cool, will put my hair away for a little while but not too long that I miss my fro, something I can change up every once in awhile cos I get bored so quickly. I don’t like mini twists, I don’t think they look nice on anyone, so no thanks. I also need something cheap/free so I can save my cash for other ish and also so that I decide I’m tired and wanna rock my fro, I can take it out with no regrets about money wasted. So that would mean…I either do it myself or ask a friend. Ask a friend…hmmm…well, my trusted EMMA isn’t around to hook me up with a weave and I also don’t know anyone else (who’s close enough to do it for free) who can braid or weave. So, I guess it’s down to me. I can’t weave. But I did do chunky braids on myself earlier this year. And I still have extensions, if I need more they’re super cheap. I’m thinking, I braid at the beginning of the month, have them in for three weeks then undo and rock a braid out for a week then re-do them etc. I’m thinking (and hoping) this will help to curb the itch I usually get if I don’t see my hair for awhile but still putting it away for most of the time. If and when it starts to look funky, I have headbands and scarves etc. I can cover the hairline with, also have flowers to spice it up.

My hair goals are to have healthy hair but also growth and length retention. The amount it seemed to grow while it was in the Dar weave was crazy and exciting and I was psyched for about two weeks or so. I need that excitement and enthusiasm back. Plus, I’m starting to spend way too much time on the natural hair blogs and sites again. So super chunky long braids, here I come!


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