Summer’s Hea! Head wrap challenge Day 5

Here it is, my “last” head wrap. I say last cos it’s the last day of my week long head wrap challenge and “last” cos I KNOW I’ll be rocking that shit often (see how i plugged that in?).

I’m LOVING my mascara today too!

I had no idea how convenient, easy and stylish this week would be. It definitely made me revisit some clothing items cos when you have a wrap on your head, especially a kitenge or khanga, you kinda need something more toned down as an outfit, otherwise it’ll just fight with the scarf. Today was my wash day. I still have mabutu in, planning on undoing them tomoz and (hopefully) rock a full braid out, that’s why I covered my whole head. Fingers crossed it comes out well…otherwise, hmmm…Anyways this challenge has been fun and not itchy at all! I think Summer def suits my hair and scalp better. And I’ll def be using this as a protective/bad/lazy hair day style 😀


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