Summer’s Hea! Head wrap challenge Day 1

I don’t know what came over me this morning but I wanted to wear a head wrap…or at least try it then take it off if I looked like an idiot. Actually, I know what came over me…after yesterday’s mini braid out, I decided to put mabutu all over my head. That took longer than I expected it to (about an hour or so). So this morning, I wasn’t ready to undo them especially since I was havin such a chilled out day, mostly indoors. But I thought, I can’t go out the house with these lil mabutu sticking out all over the place…then ta da! “Lemme try the whole head wrap thing, surely a scarf can work?” So after working out n showering etc. I got ready and started by tying the hair I was gonna wrap in my du-rag. I rolled up my light black scarf into a ball like shape to create the hump, then tied my du rag so it stays in place and also so my hair wouldn’t dry out. Then I folded my pink pashmina in half length wise, and put the folded part at the front of my head. I wound the sides around my head (keeping the material as straight as poss), then when the bump and du rag were completely covered, tucked in the fringe bits into a fold near the top. Et voila! I can definitely rock this look this summer. It’s a great hat alternative.


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