Things I need to keep in mind/watch/read when having a bad hair day

I’m having a bad day. Not just bad hair day but bad whole day and now it’s rubbed off onto my hair. I started this morning off thinking, “yeah, it looks cute”…even posted pix a few hours ago of the style but now I’m just like “hmpff”, why does it keep shrinking? why can’t it look like it did yesterday? so i’ve come across some vids and articles from women who seem to have similar texture to me. I forget sometimes that most of the natural haired women online are American and they have some kind of mix in their blood so many of the the styles they do, I prob won’t be able to pull off and products they use might not work for me etc. It’s hard looking at women with natural hair looking great and fabulous but they don’t have the same texture as mine. Today my hair was its original “4Z” texture. It looks hard, it feels hard, it IS hard! And I spritzed the fro like mad but hmmm, wasn’t having it. I know I vowed to leave it be, and in a way, I’m hoping this realisation will help me in doing that. I need to watch/read on women with closer textures to me. See what they do, how they rock stuff as well as experimenting on my own. I found these chicks online:

Miss Vhe…4C hair

And read these articles:

Stop moaning about 4C hair!
Kurly Kichana: 12 Things that I hate!

NaturalLAdy102190 from NatSun said this:  I am currently in the in-between stage! Next month will make one year that I’ve been completely natural and I’m sooo excited! I love the in-between stage, though. If anything, it allows more styling options. I’m actually trying to enjoy this stage because styles like afros and wash n gos will no longer be reasonable (for me). All you can do is appreciate your hair for the way it is NOW. If your only goal is to grow it out, you’ll only be discontent with it until it reaches the length you’d want it to. That could make you not take properly take care of it or it could make styling and maintenance more difficult because you didn’t study your hair while it was short. Point is, you’ve got to be content and take it one step at a time. Use the in-between stage to learn your hair.

I am mentally preparing to surrender to my hair…it’s not easy…


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