Wow, my hair was a diva yesterday. I just wasn’t understanding why it felt so dry and ended up looking so straight after I twisted it. Hmpff…I’m beginning to suspect it just likes to be left alone. It was feeling fine the entire week I wore head wraps. Also when I unbraided the mabutu I was wearing under the scarves. I’m beginning to not like the look of my twist outs and the only benefit I see doing them is stretching my hair a bit. Problem is that the next day, like this morning, my fro looked so mshamba, even after I spritzed and rummaged through it a bit. It was uneven, undefined and just bleh. So as I was starting to get frustrated, I started doing random big twists, some were two strand ones like in front but the rest I just grabbed sections and twisted. I was looking very street child like but I was sure it would work to give my hair some kinda character for today:

I’m considering leaving it alone for awhile. Just “wash n go”, maybe style it over the weekend eg. wash day cos it’s starting to refuse ish. But it’s feeling much more moisturised today., so that’s good. I suspect it’s becoming immune to the Tresemme Naturals conditioner. So I might have to add some oil or try something else to co-wash.


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