Chunky Braids

Phew! FINALLY finished them. They took much longer than last time and what I’d expected. I started yesterday at around 2, stopped at 8ish, re-started this morning at around 9 and finished at 1.30. The whole time I was cursing why I decided to do this myself and also how I’m going to find the strength to do it once a month! My fingers were so sore! At first when I was done, I was thinking they just looked okay. But after showering and styling them, I LOVE them! I love the colour much more than my first ones. I know there are a couple I need to fix but otherwise, I’m happy :). The main purpose is to give my fro a break and I have a whole bunch of accessories to change up the look every once in awhile. I just don’t think I can leave them down. Ah well, let’s see how long they’ll last.

I LOVE this scarf!


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