Four day style challenge – Day 1: Head wrap

So I took my braids out on Wednesday and washed, DC’d fro yesterday. When hair was about 40% dry I braided small mabutu after combing it. I let them dry completely and the aim was to wear a braid out for last night’s arrival of mother in law and fashion week. But ish happened while preparing dinner and I had to start all over again, leaving me to have no time to undo the mabutu. So what I had planned on doing for Saturday’s show I did yesterday. Basically these next few days I have places to be, so I ;ll have no time to re-do a braid out orwash it again til my Monday workout. Thursday: Africa Fashion week; Friday: Meeting at DDB; Saturday: Groceries and Africa fashion week; Sunday: Family braai. Here’s me yesterday:

So I rocked this new scarf (courtesy of dear DARLA :)) for the rest of the time I was cooking while Carol arrived. Cheers Darla for hooking me up! Then after finishing up dinner I got ready for the night:


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