Four day style challenge extended

This was me yesterday:

After co-washing, my hair felt so soft :), I even considered leaving it to drip dry but remembered how it usually comes out after. So I combed it with my afro comb and at first, while it was still wet it went straight through But as it started to dry it got a bit tougher to comb. Not impossible or painful, just noticeably more curly. So I kept picky the fro while it was drying (maybe a total of about 4 times), put my bra-headbands on, no gel and tied a scarf around for about 20 mins. Undid the scarf and fluffed the fro a bit to try even it out. That was hard. And quite a few hairs fell off. By the end of it, I was satisfied it looked presentable, not too excited about the results. By evening time, my hair had shrunken to about the same length it gets if I just leave it alone, lol. Talk about defiance. I couldn’t be mad at it.

It turns out that my four day challenge is actually going to be extended to more like a two/three week style challenge as I may have impromptu outings with Carol, Bernard’s coming later this week as are Kev’s aunt and uncle. It’s one thing letting Kev see me fresh in the morning with a funky ass squashed fro or untidy flat twists, it’s another having his whole family see me that way. And I’m just not on that level with them. I don’t want to invite any questions, whether asked aloud or not. So I have to be presentable looking at most times until November 10th. But I still need to workout which means I need to co-wash my hair at least twice weekly. Last Thursday I washed, DC’d and braided my hair. I wrapped it with a scarf for Thursday, undid the braid out on Friday (looked fresh!), flat twisted Friday eve, undid Saturday morn, flat twisted Saturday eve, undid on Sunday.

Now, I don’t know if I have the energy to keep braiding and twisting my hair. I think I can braid once a week and make that style last for awhile like I did last week but what about the days of Monday onwards? Should I co-wash, flat twist to stretch it out and wear it that way while re-twisting every night? Re-twisting actually doesn’t take long anymore, about 15 mins but it’s the energy I need to do it. After eating, I’m pooped. Another option is to braid my hair on Monday after co-washing, leave the braids in while covering up with scarves during the week then on Friday (last workout day) I wash with braids still in and undo when dried, rock a braid out the whole weekend. Hmmm…I don’t know!

This is me today:

I didn’t twist or anything last night, just tied my du-rag and slept. This morning I fluffed it up with my hands, spritzed until it was slightly damp then lightly pulled out lil bunches of hair with zesty lemon butter on my fingertips, semi- twisting some. I did that all round while watching X Factor so prob took me bout 30 mins on and off. I wanted it to look curlyish, not like twists and have too many parts sticking up. I don’t mind this look, I think I might prefer it to yesterday’s  but my hair’s about 5x as long as this and the braid out look seems to stretch it best without it looking frizzy or have straightish ends. See:

Hmmm, some serious shrinkage. But I can’t do much else about that, nature of the beast. So need to get creative so I can look good most times with minimum time and energy. This is when a weave can come in handy but I’d like to leave my hair out for Summer. I even thought about putting my hair in protective styles until it’s long enough for me to braid 4-6 mabutu but that’ll be awhiiiiile from now!


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