Good hair weekend: First fro hawk

I got a new style I can now rock 🙂 Last night night before conking out, I quickly did normal flat twists, wrapped then slept. This morning I undid them (to my surprise my hair wasn’t sticking up straight and funny), wet my hands slightly (with spritz) to rummage the roots then wet the sides with spritz, brushed with my toothbrush and wacked on some gel. Then I pinned the sides and tied my satin scarf around the sides to keep them down. I left out my front bit to be pushed downwards towards my face by the scarf and the same for the back part. (Should’ve taken a pic). After doing my make up etc. I untied the scarf and put the flower in. I fluffed a bit but not too much so to keep the fluffy but curly look.

Again, happy 🙂


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