Good hair weekend: Our first dinner party

On Friday after working out, I did my usual washing and DC’ing with ORS conditioner. Then when hair was about 50% dry, I did flat twists. I knew I wanted to wear my hair out on Saturday as an afro or with a headband/flower combo. So I focused on getting smaller ones and tighter ones on the sides and the front. I did them a different direction, not just straight back. So they were more or less horizontal. I did two in the front and two on each side going down towards my ear. Then I did the rest as normal. I made sure to use quite a bit of lemon butter but only put gel on the ends. I left them out to dry then wrapped to sleep. On Saturday I spritzed them in the morning and left them in my du rag while I cooked. After showering in the later afternoon, I undid them, rubbed a bit of butter and Garnier onto my hair and scalp and undid the really coily parts to make it look a bit fluffier. Results:

I was actually quite shocked at how big my hair was looking in the pix. Shocked but HAPPYY :D.


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