Half wash n Go…and Dark n Lovely review

This is me now, waiting for my hair to dry:

I did my hula hoop workout earlier and co-washed my hair, dabbed it with a towel to stop the dripping and instead of spritzed my usual spritz, I sprayed my Dark n Lovely Oil Moisturizing spray that was cast away to my toiletry basket when I went natural. Well I read the ingredients and nothing evil stood out. No mineral oil etc. So I decided, since it has glycerin I’ll try it out instead of my spritz since my HE conditioner is running out and I need an alternative. I sprayed and rubbed in zesty lemon. Then in sections I put some hair gel all over my head. I combed it out with my wide tooth comb then going in a circle round my head I pulled out small sections of hair and either just pulled it or roughly twisted it (I guess they call this one strand twist). The plan is to leave it to dry then lightly finger comb it out and hopefully get a more stretched out fro than my real wash n go look. Next time I might try not combing it and see if it makes a difference but so far it looks like my hair’s got curls. Will come back with after pix.


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