Hello Fro

So my braids were starting to look quite ratty very quickly but I managed to hide it by tying headbands and scarves on the front. But then they started falling off. First one or two in the middle, then one or two at the hairline. Sigh, so I couldn’t push it to three weeks like how I was planning so I undid them today, two weeks after putting them in. I wish they’d stayed in longer but my hair was also getting itchy and Kev’s mom’s coming tomoz, I don’t want her seeing me looking ragged lol. And I’m not gonna lie, I was beginning to miss my hair. I used my new side comb today:

The teeth of the comb are so sharp! Damn, it actually hurts a bit to put in and I thought it would hold tighter than it is but maybe I’ll need more hair to work with. Anyways, another look to add to my growing number. Can’t wait to wash it tomoz 🙂


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