Month 5: Review

I’m now 5 months fully natural and 8 months post relaxer. My hair and I haven’t really fought this month. I don’t know if it’s because I left it alone for two weeks or I’m listening to it more. Probably both. So I hope I can continue with this attitude and not expect miracles and let it do what it do. Like this morning, my twist out didn’t exactly come out as I’d hoped but I worked with it and it looked nice. Shame I didn’t take pix of yesterday but it also looked cool. This is my favourite new style:

I LOOOOOVE this look. It’s funky, bouncy and ooozes character :D. It also goes with different kinds of outfits. Again, this month I’ve really learned my hair comes out of my scalp, so of course it’ll be picky and stubborn and all the things it is. That’s why I haven’t gotten too mad at it. If and when I get tired and need a break, I’ll braid or weave it up. It loves that cos then it just does its thing and grows. So month 5 was a cool month, not much drama which is good. Products wise I’m still happy shampooing with Tresemme, DCing with ORS & my own, spritzing with my HE leave in and oiling up with zesty lemon. I did notice yesterday that after braiding out, I put some Garnier on and my hair just didn’t feel squidgy like how I like it, it felt a bit dry. So maybe I need to lay off that for a bit…product overload. But otherwise, happy chappy :D. Here’s to another month!


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