Solange is KILLIN’ me!

So today I’ll start braiding my hair. The plan is to have them in for about 3 weeks, undo, wash, DC and let my hair out for a week then re-do. But if they last longer than three weeks, that could also work! To keep me inspired I Googled Solange braids to see how versatile they can be. And she’s rockin’ them braids!

1. Straight down

2. Head scarf on top

3. High slightly lose bun

4. High bun with scarf

5. High ponytail
6. Pompodour
7. Side swept
8. High waterfall ponytail

Additional styles: high buns with flower/cute clip, side parted bun, kitenge wrapping the bun, kitenge wrap high bun.


LOVELY dahlin’! Braids here I come!! 


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  1. October 25, 2012 / 1:38 pm

    The braids are lovely, but they also look heavy.

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