What’s wrong with wearing our hair the same way most days?

While on NatSun, there was an interesting blog post I read about this one girls complaining that her hair is finally at the length she’d always dreamt of but she’s not happy. She’s doing her doctorate so is busy and has realised that having long hair is more work than she thought and expected. She doesn’t have time to always style it and feels as though it’s so long now she HAS to always style it for it to look on point. So, I read this one response which felt like this woman had been in my mind last night while I’ve been figuring out how to style my hair today, convinced that I should do something else from yesterday’s style (will post pix just now). Here’s what she said:

“Hmmm. This is intesting. Why is it that Black women have a problem, managing their hair when it’s past shoulder lenght, but not any other race? I have white. asian, hispanic frineds with hair down to their waist. All they do when it’s in the way is tie it up in a bun, pony tail or pin it back.

Yes, we can do they same thing. I think it’s because we as black women never learned how to take care of our hair from the begining, that we have all these struggles OR we’re expecting  TOO much from our natural hair. We have to have a different style every other day. Why?
My hair is a little past bra strap (gotta through up a recent pic soon). I wear it in two strand twists and I curl them, bun them, wear then to the side. When it’s time to wash my hair, I start all over. I straighten my hair two times a year, to clip it,  and check the length. But no one comes to me and say, “Oooh you wear your hair like that ALL the time.”

I definitely don’t hear people say that to my white, asian and hispanic friends and they just about wear their hair the same way 24/7.

So enjoy the lenght your hair is now and don’t stress so much–or you might have a TWA without knowing it.”

Soooooo true!!! I mean, why is it we as black girls feel we have to change up our hairstyles every single freakin day? or every week…what’s so wrong about having a stable go to style just like every other girl in the world has? Personally, I’ve gotten so used to having different styles throughout my childhood that there’s no going back. I love changing it up, I love accessories I love extensions etc. etc. But now my hair is a bit longer, why can’t I wear the same mohawk look as I did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that?  Maybe cos the whole natural thing is still new for me so I wanna try getting mileage out of my stretched out hair so maybe after a year or so, I’ll start to lessen the number of different styles I do and only really go all out when there’s a party or something special. But there I was, secretly hating on peeps who wear their hair the SAME way ALL the time but if that’s how they want to wear it, why the hell not? I LOVED my look yesterday, it turned out very nicely so why not do it again today? Very interesting.


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