First work week

My poor fro. My poor poor fro. Until just now, my hair hasn’t had a sip of water since last week Saturday when I washed it. The plan was to co-wash on Wednesday after working it. I did not work out. Nor did I co-wash my hair. By Tuesday it was already starting to get a bit itchy so Wednesday should be the perfect day for a mid week rinse. But it was my birthday and we went out for dinner so no co-wash. Then I didn’t co-wash on Thursday since I was supposed to wash it today. So yesterday my hair was getting agitated. My scalp was dry and itchy. My hair was slightly oily but not moisturised. I could actually feel the difference between the two now.

I had braided my hair on Sunday and rocked a braid out on Monday. Style was fro hawk. Tuesday’s style was I think the same. Wednesday was hair flower to the side. Thursday was double headband. Then today was free fro. Every evening I would spritz and flat twist, mostly before dinner so I wouldn’t conk out. Yesterday I was knackered so I just tied it without twisting. Then this morning I quickly flat twisted and showered. That worked to just let it be but not styled. So in terms of having my hair look presentable I think I did okay but I’m struggling now when I have plans in the evening, what am I supposed to do? I wish my hair would dry quickly so I could literally wash and go in the mornings but I’m no longer feeling the shrunken look, my hair’s at different lengths and it just looks uneven and not funky at all. I’m beginning to consider doing my hair and putting it away somehow for a bit so that during the week I don’t stress about it. I’m just not sure what I can do. Hmmmm…


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