Photo update: Birthday, Birthday party, This week’s look

Been busy with work so haven’t had the luxury to take as many pics as I usually do :(. But here’s the few I have taken over the past couple weeks:

at Lily’s bday party

This was after I washed, Dc’d my hair that morning and flat twisted.

On my bday. Rocked a braid out on Monday, flat twisted in the evenings.

At my bday braai. Washed etc. the night before, braided mabutu. Rocked braid out.

Me today. Co-washed on Wednesday, flat twisted when dry. Wore head wrap Thursday. Undid flat twist on Friday, hair was hard and dry. Slept as is on Friday, flat twisted this morning quick stuff and undid after shower. Had to twist random big sections to get rid of stringy straight ends.

My hair today feels better than yesterday, it’s softer but I can still feel it’s shrunken. Ah well…it’s still looking aight.


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