Regimen/Time table over turn!

So just when you get used to a certain schedule and routine, something happens that over turns it. As of tomorrow, I will be working! That means no more morning workouts, day time trips to scout fabric stores and a complete change in how I do my hair!!! I know it sounds superficial but I still want to look good and now it’s not just the weekends that I have to be on point, but during the week too. It turns out that these past few weeks the in laws have been around have sort of prepared me for having my hair presentable all days, not just weekends. Hmmm… this will be a challenge…

Proposed new regimen:

Saturday: workout, wash and DC hair, braid mabutu. If going somewhere that day, wrap or beanie up
Sunday: Leave mabutu in but if going out, wrap or beanie
Monday: Braid out and style. Flat twist before going to bed
Tuesday: Rock twist out. Re-twist for bed
Wednesday: Rock twist out. Work out in the evening while Kev cooks. Co-wash hair, semi dry and flat twist for bed.
Thursday: Rock twist out. Re-twist before bed.
Friday: Rock twist out. Workout in the evening before cooking dinner. (Co-wash)
Saturday: workout, wash and DC…

I hope this works! I’ll have to start this new regimen I think this weekend. Typically I wash my hair on Thursday or Friday but I won’t have time to do that this week…unless I wash Friday evening, mabutu and rock a braid out and twist out over the weekend, since there’s Lily’s party on Saturday then Ann’s performance on Sunday. Then I start from there. Workouts included. Fingers crossed I get the hang of things soon.


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