This week’s looks…so far

Me on Monday:

I had rocked a braid out on Saturday (Kizazi clips). I left the bobby pins in when I went to bed, didn’t bother re-twisting or braiding since I knew we were gonna be bumming on Sunday. Slept the same way on Sunday night. Monday morn, I took the pins out and after showering (with shower cap) I barely spritz some leave-in, quickly flat twisted, then dressed and made myself up. Once almost ready, I undid them and fluffed out my hair. It definitely worked to stretch it out a bit but not enough to do many styles so I just let it be. Yeah twas a bit messy but I didn’t want a clean look.

Me yesterday (Tuesday):

LOL it’s actually hilarious how stubborn ass my fro is. “You want me to what? Lay down? Umm no…not gonna happen”


And styled…

LOVIN’ my neon pink shadow!

My hair was itchy so I co-washed. I didn’t work out :S but did the wash anyways knowing I had to leave the house at 11. So I wrapped my towel to get as much water as poss, sprayed leave-in and butter and also some Garnier cream to attempt to protect my hair from the blow dryer. I let it be for almost an hour before drying. I blow dried sections at a time on cool and once dried I picked it out with the fro comb. It definitely didn’t come out as stretched and funky as I thought it would. I was hoping for something like this:

LMAO massive FAIL! Ah well, had to work with what my hair was giving me, plus me thinks I need more hair to start pulling this ish off. I can’t wait! Height wise it looks almost the same as a really good braid out. But this is my hair. Some thick and dense stuff. I liked the feel of it, it was spongey but not as soft as it looks when I braid out. So I know now I won’t be doing many blow outs. This is only the second or third one I’ve done since I went natural and I think the best way to stretch is twisting or braiding. But it’s cool for a different look. And it will look MASSIVE in a year’s time. Awesome.

Me today:

This was before styling.

I hadn’t braided or twisted last night, just slept in the pins, woke up this morn and lightly fluffed it out with a bit of lemon butter so I can drop Kev off at work. But I’m not feelin this look so will come back in a bit for the after styling pics.


Yes, I was feeling myself.

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