Christmas Eve ‘do: Flat twists and “bangs”

I was soooo excited about this hairstyle. On Thursday eve, I’d flat twisted my hair for sleep and left them in until Saturday eve when I started getting ready for the family dinner. I’d put aside an hour to get ready and had planned out how I was gonna tackle my hair. I wanted my hair to look like this:

I knew it wouldn’t exactly cos her hair’s longer than mine and she can roll her hair in two sections. I tried rolling it into four sections, like how she suggested but I saw that wasn’t working, my hair wasn’t staying so I had to do flat twists working upwards. I undid my sleep twists, combed out the section at the back that I was going to twist and divided into four sections. Then, had to pin away the hair that was free so I can make it as neat as possible. Damn, about 30 mins and two cramped fingers later, here’s what I got:

Umm…so yeah, I would label this as a semi-fail! It doesn’t look like my inspired look and the back definitely needed work!! Oh and I know now, no matter how small or tied down my front hair is, it’ll not hang. For shit. My plan was to try it and if I saw it wasn’t working, I’ll just rock a puff…halfway through I figured I should just finish. Not so sure I’ll be rocking this look again any time soon…maybe I should stick to puffs as my updo look.


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