Good hair week

Last week was a good hair week. I hardly wore any crazy styles cos I was loving my fro so I let it out and about for awhile. I think I wore it with the sides pinned, one side pinned then just free fro. I don’t know how to explain it but my afro makes me feel sexy. Lol, not that I didn’t feel it before, but I’m noticing it now. It makes me stand out and almost automatically has made all my outfits rock. And I’ve been feeling sexy cos of that.
I didn’t co-wash my hair the whole week, and my hair only started feeling a bit itchy on Friday or Saturday but nothing hectic. What I’ve been doing seems to be making my hair happy: I shampoo, DC and spritz on Sunday then comb and braid out on semi-dry hair. On Mondays re-spritz and I rock a braid out. Tuesday and the rest of the days I rock a twist out.

I spritz my hair twice a day now. In the evenings before I flat twist and the next morning before I undo them. I make sure I spray on my scalp too cos that’s where it gets itchy I guess cos it’s dry. At the moment, my hair’s feeling soft and bouncy without feeling greasy etc. And it’s also not as tangled as it was the previous week. So I think I might be on to something here…but yeah, I’m currently in love with my hair. It’s just so cool.


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