Holiday hair

SO, it’s confirmed. I’ll be flying out to Dar next month for a week :D. As much as I’m excited, I’m also trying to figure out what I should and can do with my hair…before I get there, while I’m there and of course, before I leave…

Last time I was in Dar, I rocked my short TWA for a few days, then didn’t for about a week then slapped on a weave before I came back to Jozi. It was clear to me when I was there, that natural hair doesn’t seem to have a place there. I don’t know why I let it bother me so much…actually I kinda do. It was still new to me (not that it’s now old) but I was still experimenting, still trying to figure it out. And it was also short short so I could only do so much with it. I was also more conscious about my weight gain etc. All in all, I think it was a lot of changes at once and especially for peeps who hadn’t seen me in over half a year.

But now, me and my hair are 5 months older and wiser. We’re more of a team. I had a pretty good idea what fro likes, and what it doesn’t like…when it would tangle and when it’d be soft n free! Granted, things to take into consideration are the humid weather and my resources. My hair may be a bit shocked in the beginning cos the air in Joburg is mostly dry dry dry. So I might not need to spritz twice a day there like I do here for example. I’ll only be there a week though and I know it’s best to get my hair into a protective style while I’m there, money wise.

So my plan is:
Wednesday – Wash, DC and mabutu hair in the morning. Tie it up in my pretty lil new scarf and fly to Dar that eve.
Thursday – Keep my scarf look and undo the mabutu either that afternoon or on Friday morning ready to face whatever and whomever I’ll be linking up with.
Thursday – Tuesday, rock my hair in various styles; fro hawk, side pinned, front pompodour, flat twist headband, flower, free fro, puff
Tuesday eve/Wednesday morn – Wash and DC hair, braid mabutu to stretch and get weave sewn in or cornrows braided
Thursday eve – fly back to Jozi

It makes sense in theory…practically we’ll see how it goes I guess. I plan not to wash it or co-wash the time I’m there, only until I’m prepping it for my weave. And of course, I’ll be flat twisting/braiding mabutu every evening before bed. I’m determined to not leave my swag at Joburg airport.

Things to bring:

  • 10-14 bobby pins
  • bra strap headband
  • a flower
  • stocking headband
  • Mr. Price scarf
  • Sleeping scarf
  • travel size gel
  • travel size shampoo
  • travel size DC (ORS)
  • Daily spritz
  • Zesty lemon butter
  • toothbrush for baby hair
  • wide tooth comb

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  1. Priscilla
    January 1, 2016 / 1:08 pm

    Happy new year. Please what style is this mabutu you keep talking about? Bantu knots? Priscilla

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