Last week and this week’s looks

Me on Tuesday last week:

I had rocked a braid out on Monday (sides pinned), then spritzed and flat twisted that eve. Undid on Tuesday and let it chill free. This is one of my new tops, wore it tucked in my white jeans and wore my turquoise bead sandals – LOVED it!

This was me on Saturday. I think I’d planned to wash it that day but then we were told bout a rooftop party so I knew I had to have my hair in check. After wearing twist outs the whole week, I quickly did flat twists in the morning and undid before we headed out and let it be.

This is me today. I braided my hair on Sunday eve, wore a braid out on Monday (sides pinned), yesterday I wore double headband so today I finally did a new style I’d been wanting to rock for awhile but my hair wasn’t long enough. I’ll call it the side bump 🙂 I braided mabutu along my hairline so the front would be more defined then flat twisted the rest. Undid them this morn, lightly fluffed, grabbed a section in the front and twist it and pinned. Cute 🙂

The hair at the back is definitely the longest

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