Month 6: Review

So here I am, six months fully natural, nine months post relaxer and I’ve had to overturn my entire haircare regimen. I started working this month, which was awesome but my hair hasn’t been quite so quick to jump onto the enthusiasm train. I’m finding it hard to have the energy to twist my hair everyday and in turn my hair hasn’t reacted very well. The evenings that I’m too tired to re-twist, my hair becomes tangled the next morning. Spritzing helps but I’ve noticed my hair’s starting to break :S. I think I might have to put some kind of protective style in, even though I only wanted to do that in the Winter and leave my hair out during the Summer. Sigh, but otherwise I’m still happy with the natural look. It gets super dry after co-washing. And flat twists only look good after I’ve rocked a braid out. I think the braid out must give my hair a nice curl and the twist out just keeps it stretched. But once I wash then flat twist, hmmm my hair feels dry and compressed. I also haven’t been working out :S so that’s something that I need to figure out how to re-include into my schedule. So month six has been cool, but I’m now seeing that it might be hard to maintain my styles with more ish on my plate. I’m definitely glad that I BC’d when I did. Cos I had time to really learn and practice my routine. Now I have a better idea what my hair can or won’t do, what products work and what gives what result. Not that I’m an expert, but I’m in a much better position than if I was still transitioning or freshly chopped. So I think it’s come at a good time. Sucks that I have to re-schedule but hey, at the end of the day it is just hair :P.


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