New style: Puff!

I’m soooooo freakin’ excited!!!! Today, I experimented on my hair before I washed it. I figured it’s the best time since I’ll be washing out any gel or mistakes I’d make. Plus, my hair was pretty stretched out by that time. Yesterday I had my hair in a beanie with flat twists under. The same for today in the morning. So after undoing all the twists etc. I decided to comb it to see how it would look…then tried seeing how my bra strap-headband would look with it…then I got the idea to just TRY a puff and see how far it would go. Here’s the evolution of it:

Quite liked this!

Now I knew my hair could reach…I knew what I had to do…I spritzed my entire hairline (back too). Rubbed gel all around, neated it up with my toothbrush and used my tights-headband to tie. I looped it round like a normal headband and slowly shifted right to left to push it upward. Then when it was further up enough, rather to the maximum, I continued tying it. I think it’s too long so will shorten it later cos at the moment I haven’t got enough hair to cover up tucking in the stocking. So to flatten it, I did as always and tied that part of my hair with my scarf.

Et voila!


I seriously can’t believe I have enough hair to make a puff. I was so, so, so excited when it turned out like this. I just have to get used to how far up the band can go and also so I don’t have the hanging piece of material. But overall, very excited to have a new style to rock! I’m not even a year natural yet 😀 Awesome, can’t wait to see how my hair turns out.


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