Protective Style Period

As it stands, I’m now rockin’ 10 months of growth and 7 months of fully natural hair. In inches, My front and sides are 4.5″ and the back is 5″ so, so far my hair’s growing on the upper end of the average (1/4″ – 1/2″ a month).

In the beginning, I just wanted to stop relaxing, and learn how to care for my hair as is…no real hair “goals” other than for it to be healthy. But nearing the year mark, I’m also realising that I don’t just want healthy hair…I want a head of healthy AND long hair. A big. Bad. Afro. HUGE. And I have faith in fro, I think it can get there, but not on its own. From doing my research and also from experience, it makes sense to put my hair away for awhile at a time, especially when the temperature drops and the air gets colder and drier. The initial plan was to have my fro out during the Summer months, which I’ve done since September, with the one stint of chunky braids. Summer, in my mind was going to be til about March or so. But it’s begun to rain regularly and I don’t think fro cares for this kind of weather much. So I think I’m going to take advantage of my trip to Dar and start my protective style period early. I think it’ll be great to be able to not think about my hair for a bit, as well as to let it just do its thing with little manipulation. I did the same thing when I was relaxed…left it out for a few weeks during the warm months, then weaved it up during the cooler ones. I also need to use my 3? 4? weaves I still have and are in good condition, as well as the afro kinky braids I have here and waiting for me in Dar.

Thing is, I also need to get a trim soon and I’m scared of doing it cos I need to find a good natural hair salon to do it. I’m thinking I either get that done before I put my first style in or wait til my 1st year anniversary (post relaxer) then snip….hmm, maybe I’ll do that. Til then, I’ll research natural hair salons to hook me up. Here’s my plan:

Protective style period: January – August = 8 months
                                      Keep style in for 6 weeks, give hair a break for 2 weeks
                                      Styles could be: weave, braids, cornrows

Schedule (I love my schedules!):

  1. January – mid February. Undo mid Feb, let fro be for two weeks of rest. Then trim, treat etc.
  2. March – mid April. Undo mid April, rest. 
  3. May – last week of May. Needs to be a short style, eg. cornrows. Undo before the 27th for my first anniversary. Maybe straighten it for the first time. Let it rest for two weeks.
  4. Mid June – mid August. Undo when the weather’s nice and sunny so fro can enjoy Summer again 😀

So here goes, 1.5 more weeks of Summer fro!


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