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The past couple of weeks, I’ve been seeing that my hair is at a length where I can and should experiment with styles  more. But being tired most of the time, and also not putting much effort, there are very few new styles I’ve tried since my last style blog post. Now, I’ve always been into trying different styles but natural styles are new territory to me. So I need inspiration which I haven’t been actively searching for til now. I’ve recently found this cool vlogger Iknowlee who has quick and cool hairstyle tutorials that has inspired me to try new things. I’ve also got so many hair accessories that I still haven’t worn at all with my natural hair, or have worn only a couple times. I keep going back to my hair flowers etc. So I really want to make use of my accessories, as well as try different things in general. The only thing that’s limiting me is my cornrowing skills, which are kinda non existent. Maybe I need to practice them like I did with flat twists, not that I’m an expert in those either, but I’m more comfortable to do them now than I was earlier in the year.

So I’m thinking, maybe I need to set myself a style challenge of trying a new style every day or once a week or something. Cos I think I’ve gotten kind of stuck in a rut with styles but when I do try something new, I’m so excited by it but don’t try it again for awhile. I’m gonna have a look back at the styles I have rocked and what I can do at this point before going through the styles I wish to rock in the (near) future.

1. Wash and Go

2. Headband

3. Flower

4. Fro hawk

Still my best fro hawk!

Blow dried

5. Side pinned

6. Free fro

7. Puff

8. Head wrap

9. Beanie

Casual – hair all tucked in
More glam – front hair out

10. Mini pompodour/pouf

11. Scarf as bow

12. Flat twist in front

Forgotten one:
13. Side part

So now, here are some styles I would like to try. I’m limiting it to stuff that my hair has the length to do now or in a month or so:

Not suite sure how she did the front curly bit

Not sure if my hair’s long enough for this one yet but ooowie! Here’s her vid tutorial:

With this, I’m thinking since I can’t make long twists, maybe I make neat mabutu all the way back and interlock them. So make a line out of mabutu that are join.


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