This week’s looks

Me on Monday:

Braid out

Ummm…is it just the flash or is some of my hair reddish brown??

Me on Tuesday:

Wednesday: Kinda sucks I didn’t take a pic on Wednesday cos I wore a puff on my last day at work. Worked out except the bit in the front I tried to make a lil pouf out of, didn’t look like how I expected but I rocked it anyway.

Me on Thursday:

Me on Saturday:

Getting my hair prepped. Note: First time I went out without any make up in AWHILE!

Me today:


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  1. August 5, 2014 / 11:13 am

    Looking lovely as always since I started reading your blog I never knew that there would be a blogger rite her on our south African soil.whoopy at least there is hope after all.since I started my au natural hair journey it fall before it began so I m prepared to stuck it out and see where it will lead me,so in a nutshell at least there is hope after all

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