Month 8: Review

It’s been 8 months since I chopped off my hair and 11 months since I stopped relaxing it. This month went by soooo quickly, I hardly took any photos! And I haven’t posted in awhile. Anywho, this month I went back to Dar and rocked my fro so much harder than the last time I was there. It’s interesting how people’s comments and reactions are different when you are more confident in yourself. This time, I knew what to do with my hair to not have it tangle or look funny. I guess that’s just what happens the longer you have a certain style. But it was a challenge stopping it from shrinking from the humidity. Actually, scratch that, it was IMPOSSIBLE to. I’d undo my nightly twists in the morning and for about 15 minutes it was looking cool and stretched…then it reduced in size just as quickly as it took for me to style it. What I did love was this new style:

Me and my Ni-Ni


Ma’mdogo hooked me up with the super neat cornrows on the side I think it was on my third day there. And I kept them in the entire time til I did my hair. Loved it! Unfortunately, I can’t cornrow to save my life, so I don’t think I could be recreating this look any time soon :(.

The only pics I took in month 8 in Jozi:


So yeah, month 8 was cool, no bumps in the road. Oh maybe except the first round of my protective styling period. I’m currently sporting this:

This is “Weave 1”, a braids and weave hybrid that I did quick stuff in Dar a day or so before I left. It’s not the best weave, but it’s also kinda hard having one with my natural hair which of course pokes out in the braids. The salon did straighten it after they finished braiding and sewing my it definitely looks different to when I had relaxed hair and weaved. It’s doing the job, although I miss my fro terribly. I’m now counting down the days until I can take it out (13…). It’s been itching like mad and I just find myself looking bleh without my fro, lol. I’m not gonna lie, it’s helped me cut down my morning preparation time so it has its uses. I just need to pull through til mid Feb, I know it’ll be worth it.

Otherwise, a good hair month for me. Here’s to another!


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