Welcome back fro

I had enough, I took my weave/ braids out yesterday. It lasted just over three weeks, approximately half the time I’m supposed to be leaving my protective styles in for :S. So, I’m getting worried. I don’t know how I’m going to do this protective style period if I keep getting bored with them. I definitely need to think of a cooler and funkier style fore next time.


Anyways, felt good to rock my hair last night. It took forever to undo though and I began to see the damage that the weave did to my hair. I don’t know if it was the way the woman sewed it on or what but my hair was just falling out. And yesterday I kept in mind that I hadn’t combed my hair in awhile but this morning when I washed and DC’d…damn, all in all I lost quite a bit or hair to knots. I tried to be as gentle as possible with it and I could feel it was quite fragile and dry. So I mixed my ORS DC with some avo oil, olive oil and jojoba oil and left that on for about 3.5 hours. My hair felt soft, soft, soft afterwards but shame, it seemed traumatised. Maybe I need to lay off the weaves, or next time insist they braid my hair with extensions (I don’t know why they don’t like doing that in TZ). So, according to the schedule, I have about 3 weeks of rest. Poor fro really needs it, I can feel my scalp is slightly tender too. So I’m planning on giving it some much needed TLC these next few weeks.


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